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Comfortable, Stylish Eyewear Providing Real Protection to Reduce Eye Strain and Headaches from Digital Devices.

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Don’t get caught up with other gimmicky blue light or inexpensive yellow-tinted eyewear.
Our technology is based on the science of what happens to the light once it enters the eyes.
Invest in your eyes with Blep Eyewear.

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BLEP Patented Protection

Long-Term Protection

When we view a backlit surface, our eyes try to focus on the screen, fluctuating focus behind and in front of the plane of light. Over time the focusing muscle spasms and ocular symptoms begin.

Prevents Macular Degeneration

Potential long term damage to the
Macular Pigment Density (460nm absorbency) leading to ARMD.

Decreases Eye Strain

Blue Light is most scattering of the wavelengths and causes the eye to strain more.

Reduces Insomnia

Blue Light controls our circadian rhythm cycle thus disrupting it in the evenings.

Our patented coating takes all these factors into consideration and is wavelength specific in filtering blue light for protection, contrast enhancement for less eye strain, and keeps your circadian rhythm intact.

We developed one of the first eyewear with over-the-counter, non-rx readers with our patented coating. We are filling a void in the private practice by offering optical quality readers with medical benefits. We have eyewear to offer our non-rx patients (adults and kids) that are over exposed to digital devices. What is amazing about our product is that you can visually experience the difference within seconds of putting our product on.

It was amazing! I am recovering from a severe concussion and the BLEP glasses are the only way that I was able to return to work. Thank you!!

Google Employee

The BLEP eyewear was very helpful for my son. Initially he used them while on the computer in addition to turning the computer night setting on. Now, his concussion is more than 90% healed, but he is still using them as it’s less strain on his eyes and causes less headaches. Thank you!