BLEP is a patent-pending, multi-layered coating applied to the front AND back of our lenses to selectively filter out harmful light while still allowing beneficial blue light to reach our eyes.
We are the ONLY clear coating glasses that are readily available with blue light protection, offering natural color and clear aesthetic appearance.
Our lenses are 1.60 High Index lens, making them UV protectant and lightweight.



Individuals over the age of 40 that currently wear “cheap” over-the-counter readers now have an option to wear premier over-the-counter readers that not only have the magnification in an optical quality lens, but have protection and will increase contrast when reading digital devices. BLEP Eyewear’s non-RX and low power glasses are also perfect for all individuals who have corporate jobs requiring all day computer work, gamers, and people sensitive to fluorescent/LED overhead lights. Our lightweight plastic frames come in fashion forward multiple styles and colors.

Just as you would protect your children with sunscreen from damaging UV rays outdoors, it has become important to protect them from damaging blue light emitted from digital devices indoors.  Due to the decrease retinal pigment density in the back of their eyes, kids are susceptible to over-exposure to digital devices at close proximity.  BLEP Eyewear is the only company that offers this protection in a readily available glasses in a kids frame line.  Kid’s frames are available in young colors and styles in non-RX and low powers to decrease eye strain.


Other eyewear companies that claim to offer blue light protection to its users employs the outdated technology of using yellow dyes, tints and pigments on lenses to absorb blue light. This technology never took off due to its unappealing aesthetic appearance and not selectively filtering out blue light. The colors of these lenses would distort making them an impractical product. We’ve gotten over these technological hurdles by designing a stylish frame with proprietary coated lenses to selectively filter blue light at the damaging wavelengths. If you’ve been disappointed by blue light protective products in the past, you’ll see the Blep Eyewear difference!